Behtis Niroo (BTN) is the regional representative of the world Well known producers of machineries and raw materials in wood and paper industries in Iran. Behtis Niroo provides all sales and after sale services of the products it markets. Operating with proficiency combined with brand awareness and accumulated experience, Behtis Niroo intends to achieve the best customer satisfaction during sales as well as after sales services.

¨ Base Paper for Printing

¨ Base paper for Impregnation

¨ Unicolor Papers

¨ Balance Paper for Flooring

¨ Barrier Papers

¨ Base Paper for Edge Banding

¨ Impregnation Additives

¨ Additives for laminates and wood boards production 

¨ Release agents and lubricants for plastic molding

¨ SMC (Sheet Molding Compound) and BMC (Bulk Molding Compound)

¨ Microbiology


















Behtis Niroo co. Ltd.



¨ Complete systems for the wood-based products industry

¨ ContiRoll® Forming and Press Lines

¨ Mat Forming Concepts for Particleboard, MDF and OSB

¨ Laminating plants

¨ Energy Plants Siempelkamp Energy Systems

¨ Production Intelligence: Prod-IQ

¨ DAHMOS Process Data Management

¨ Siempelkamp hot platens

¨ Biomass power plants by Siempelkamp

¨ Wood Fiber Insulation Board

¨ SicoScan

¨ Wood preparation and blending technology for flakes, fibers, and strands

¨ Finishing lines for wood based panels

¨ Ecoresinator

¨ Press pads for the production of surface-finished chip board for furniture and laminate floors

¨ Fibre cement felts for the manufacture of fiber cement boards and tubes

¨ Industrial grade fabrics for transporting food products

¨ Special production belts and roll covers for the chemical industry

¨ Heavy woven fabrics used in the manufacture of motor vehicle brake linings

¨ Silicone coated felts with non-marking surfaces for the conditioning of textile products
• Protection sleeves for rope and sling

¨ Combi & Modula Sanders

¨ AX Grinding & Brushing Machines

¨ RCS Grinding Machines for Plates

¨ RCS-RB Grinding Machines for Rubber

¨ PL Film Laminating