About Us

As Behtis Niroo, we have been dealing with the Iranian wood products industry for several years.

Our major activities at the market are as follows:

· Selling Machineries in wood panel industries

· Selling raw materials on an exclusive agent basis (raw paper, printed paper, Impregnated paper, Additives and chemicals for impregnation, MFC, MDF production)

· Providing technical assistance for paper impregnation, board production and resin preparations.


International companies that Behtis Niroo represents them in Iran are:


Siempelkamp Machine and Plant Engineering GmbH

Krefeld, Germany


Siempelkamp Logistics and Service GmbH

Bad Kreuznach, Germany


Cartiere di Guarcino S.p.A
Guarcino (FR), Italy


WIZ Chemicals S.r.l
Dairago (MI), Italy


Heimbach Specialties AG & Marathon Belting Ltd

Neu-Moresnet, Belgium & Rochdale, UK



Villa Cortese (MI), Italy



Behtis Niroo’s vision is to be the market leader in supplying machineries and raw materials in wood panel, Laminating and impregnating industries.

Behtis Niroo co. Ltd.