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WIZ chemicals S.r.l, was founded in 1983, following the acquisition of know-how for the production of release agents and lubricants for plastics. Presently, production continues in its 3000 sqm factory at Dairago, near Milan.

This company is one of the leading European Companies, manufacturing additives for impregnation of decorative papers, chipboard and MDF  for the furniture industry.

They are among the few Companies in the world, studying developing and manufacturing the full range of additives for the paper impregnation.

Under the registered Trade Name “ALTON”, they sell approximately 6,000 ton/year worldwide.  More than 85% of their turn-over is sold abroad Italy.

They can supply a full range of top state of the art Wetting Agents, Release Agents, Anti Blocking, Hardeners for MF, UF and PF, Plasticizers, Anti Dust, Surface Improvers, Antis Scuffing Agents, Gloss Improvers, White Improvers and so on.

The production facility is capable of outputs of 300 to 18,000 liters per batch flame proof environments. There are also two lines of dispersion and paste refining and a pressurized line for toxic product handling. The company's core business centers on the production of additives for thermosetting resins for composite materials, thermostatic compounds, plastic laminates, chipboard panels and medium density fiberboards.

In 1998 WIZ chemicals obtained ISO 9002 quality certification and in 2009 it has been upgraded to ISO 9001, 2008. WIZ Chemicals has obtained ISO14001, 2004 as well.

They have recently established Microbiology Division includes a production facility for processing aids for food products and a microbiological analysis laboratory for in-house and contact quality control.

The laboratory has also applied for official Ministry of Health listing as a food quality control laboratory, in conformity with GLP (Good Laboratory Practices), 88/320/CCE.



Additives for laminates and wood boards production:


     For impregnation of Melamine, Urea and Phenolic Resins:


· Hardeners


ALTON HM 1448  latent hardener for urea-formaldehyde resins. It assures right reactivity and longer resin pot life. 100% chlorine free.

ALTON HM 1010 latent hardener for all type of melamine-formaldehyde resins particularly suggested for CPL and LPL process. High reactivity at pressing temperature.100% chlorine free.

ALTON HM 720 latent hardener for all type of melamine-formaldehyde resins particularly suggested for HPL process.It reduces curing time and increase productivity. 100% chlorine free.

ALTON HM 500 latent hardener for phenol-melamine-formaldheyde resins. Specially suggested  for  CPL technology to prepare kraft paper impregnated with PMF.100% chlorine free.

ALTON HM 3015 latent hardener for melamine-formaldehyde resins mainly for low pressure technology.Its  latency assures longer pot life of resin bath and  fast reactivity under press.100% chlorine free.

ALTON HM 4000  is suggested when long flow of the resin is required for instance under presses with slow closing time  or when  engraved plates are used. 100% chlorine free.


· Wetting agents


ALTON WLF 14 is a no foaming wetting agent for all type of amino resins. Formulated with the most up-to-date surfactants it avoids the use of any defoamers frequently source of trouble for a perfect surface impregnation.

ALTON WLF 15  is a superior high concentrated no foaming wetting agent for all type of amino resins. It enables to strongly drop the resin surface tension with consequent both high wettability and  flow promotion.

ALTON 883 basic water-based wetting agent. It shows effectiveness in reducing resins surface tension and improves resin flow. Free from ethoxylated nonylphenols.


· Release agents


ALTON R 1014 water-based low foaming release agent for all type of amino resins. It shows superior release properties, doesn’t affect the surface transparency and  keeps clean the plates surface for a long period.

ALTON R 1000  internal water-based low foaming release agent free from ethoxylated nonylphenol, waxes and paraffin. It shows an excellent compatibility with all types of resins and does not affect the surface transparency. The special composition enables to get homogeneous and smooth finish.


ALTON 856 basic internal water-based release agent free from ethoxylated nonylphenol, waxes and paraffines. High release efficiency.


· Functional Additives


ALTON ES 911 improves the micro scratch resistance (mar resistance). Excellent performance on HPL laminates specially for  unicolor. It doesn’t affect the resin transparency and the surface brilliance.

ALTON ES 501 special additive that helps to improve the bright effect on impregnated papers. The product’ s performance becomes evident during the lamination process, where temperature and pressure are able to produce a molecular structure that is specially light reflecting.

ALTON MF 183 basic  water-based internal wetting/release agent. It improves resin absorption during impregnation and coating to give fully saturated, smooth, homogeneous, crease-free papers. Its effective release action prevents encrustations and keeps presses clean, prolonging their active life and cutting down on unproductive maintenance time. Free from ethoxylated nonylphenol.

ALTON MF 184 represents the last generation of one-shot low foaming wetting-release agent.  Preserving the peculiar qualities of the single additives, it is a simplified approach to paper impregnation recipe.

ALTON ES 1243  minimizes the effect of electrostatic discharge on laminate surface coated with thermosetting resins. It improves the dissipative properties of  the laminate reducing the risk of sparking according to a mechanism based both on the intrinsic conductivity of the product and  over  its capacity to regulate the moisture absorption from the environment. ALTON ES 1243 help to reach the standard requested by the IEC 61340-5-1 and   EN 1815 (walking test).

ALTON ES 284 is an antimicrobial product with a broad spectrum biocide that inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi.

ALTON ES 400 is a water based dispersion of a selected aliphatic polyurethan, mainly developed to get a film able to offer adhesive properties at high temperature and at the same time, a dry touch at room temperature


· Antiblocking


ALTON AT 837 water-based additive free from ethoxylated nonylphenol, waxes and fats and paraffin specially designed for impregnated paper production. Excellent anti-blocking properties at low dosages. Dosing ALTON AT 837 (0,1-0,2 %) with UF resin in the impregnation bath, the UF resin migration to the paper surface is strongly reduced.

ALTON AT 839 mixture of up-to date polymers, prevents sheets  from blocking caused by moisture absorption; when added into a resin, the surface properties, typically the oleo-hydro repellency, will be improved as effect of its cross-linking/ filming characteristics.


· Antidust


ALTON ES 700 high  active matter additive with excellent antidust properties  for all types of papers. Small dosages enable to reach a very smooth and homogeneous paper surface after drying.

ALTON ES 711 is an additive developed to improve the paper surface quality after drying step; the very smooth surface that can be reached  is also offering advantages concerning  dust reduction.


· Plasticizers


ALTON PLAST 58 has been developed to plasticize melamine and phenol  resins for standard and post-forming laminates. It reacts with the resin making a unique net without the formation of any by-products.

ALTON ES 800 water based polyurethane dispersion developed to improve the plastic effects on impregnated papers, mainly used for special applications as edges or door’s profiles.

· Others


ALTON ES 1442  antifoaming agent for paper impregnation processes.It avoid indesirable effects associated  with traditional silicones, like spotting and  fish eyes, are avoided.

ALTON ANTIFOAM 100 antifoaming agent for paper impregnation processes to directly add to any water-based resin system, it provides a reliable foam control.

ALTON MF 4272 is a ready to use water dispersion of titanium dioxide. The special quality and stability of the dispersion, makes it a good alternative to the traditional pigment in powder.



     For chipboards, MDF, plywood etc.:


ALTON CAPTOR 315 Liquid formaldehyde scavenger , keeps low the level of free formaldehyde and enables to manufacture boards in class E1 and CARB2.

ALTON CAPTOR 3521 Powder formaldehyde scavenger , keeps low the level of free formaldehyde and enables to manufacture boards in class E1 and CARB2.


Release agents and lubricants for plastic moulding


· Thermoplastic Injection moulding


· Thermosetting resins

· Thermoplastic extrusion

· Mould & patterns sealers

· Cleaners

· Edges & Flanges

· Rotational Moulding